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TODAY'S EPISODE of The Rational Basis (r) of Happines‪s

sad older man

1-Bigotry 2-Happiness

1-Living or working with bigots (atarts at 7m02s) 2-Getting over my poor choices of the past.

man waits by phone that does not ring

1-Dating Anxiety 2-Child Abuse Signs (starts at 4m 57s) 3-Peer Pressure (starts at 6m 55s)

1-My girlfriend doesn't call 2-My son is afraid of me 1-Psychological Independence

brain closed shut and covered with barbed wire

1-Emotions 2-Independence

1-Changing long held ideas 2-Holding your own with peers

Highway sign with the word envy on it

1-Envy 2-Grief and Depression

1-Granting the undeserved 2-Boyfriend is depressed over loss of pet

anxious man with flowers waiting for his date to arrive

1-Expressing Affection Part 2 of 2 2-procrastination

1-I am afraid to tell my girlfriend how I like her. 2-Stopping procrastination

Man and woman trying to control young squirming boy

1-Family Baggage 2-Gayness and Ethics

1-My girlfriend's kid controls her. 2- (starts at 6m 9s) Is it immoral to be gay?

young boy caught with hands in cookie jar

1-I love you 2-Honesty 3-Psychological Independence

1-Why say this? 2-Six year old's fibs (starts at 4m47s) 3-Fear of Others (starts at 7m30s)

businessman chasing a carrot on a stick

1-Motivation 2 Anger

1-How do I get off the couch and back to work in a new career? 2-Using anger as motivation (starts at xmys)

angry boy watching parents argue

1-Obesity 2-Abuse in Romance 3-Pain

1-What's the use (starts at 0m0s) 2-Kid hates stepdad (starts at 2m01s) 3-Thinking away pain (starts at 6m57s)

shy woman supresses giggle and laugh with hand

1-Shyness 2-Honesty

1-Is shyness treatable? 2- (5m30s) I discovered that my husband watches gay porn.

angry man points finger at confused woman

1-Sincerity 2-Gossip 3-Abuse (add times for podcasts)

1- Phoney vs. genuine pleasantries 2- Unsuported accusations of infidelity 3-I hit my wonterful but irrational girlfriend

seven arrows all missing target

1-Teen Sex 2-Fear of Life 3-Giving Up

1-Sex is becoming a diluted value for youth 2--I am afraid of life since seeing a documentary on 911 3-Giving in to failure

lazy boy on couch with popcorn and beer

1-Unhappiness 2-Freeloading Son

1-Why am I Unhappy 2-My 35 year old won't move out of the house.

teen boy chin in hands depressed

Abandoned by Mom

How will my son's schooling be effected by being abandoned by his mother?

Crying Sad Boy being comforted by his dad father

Abandoned Family

Will my wife's abandoning my son and me effect his school performance?

Man packing suitcase

Abandoned Family (1 of 2)

Is it okay for my young son to meet a father he has never known?

kids ignoring mom

Abandoned Mom

My kids shun me due to the influence of my con-man ex husband.

boy sitting on stopped swing showing no emotions

Abandoned Son

Should I try to reunite with a young son whom I abandoned?

woman with black eye trying to stop man from approaching her

Abuse and Body Weight

Is my weight loss due to abuse?

Scared woman hiding under the sheets

Abuse and Panic

I have had panic attacks since I was sexually abused at 8 years old

angry man points threatingly at innocent puzzled woman

Abuse by Boyfriend

My boyfriend hits, chokes, and insults me.

boy has painful look as man pinches his ear

Abuse by Father

Should I turn my son in to child protective services?

girl refuses to listen to concerned mother

Abused Daughter

My adult abused daughter refuses to have anything to do with me.

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