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Our nineteenth Year of Broadcasting!

Hear Dr. Kenner's show The Rational Basis of Happiness® on many radio stations coast to coast and online. Times of day and days of week vary from station to station. In her 19th year on air, named by Talkers(TM) Magazine as among the most important 250 talk shows for seven years in a row.

You are encouraged to participate in this show by phoning in with any questions you have. This is a call-in talk show. Your calls and questions have top priority and are the motor of the show.

To ask Dr. Kenner your questions call toll free 877-Dr-Kenner (877-375-3663).

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About the Show

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Dr. Kenner is a clinical psychologist who

  • takes calls and emails, answering listener's questions on any personal issue.
  • usually includes one single-segment interview per show.
  • approaches ideas from a very special perspective:

What is special about the ideas Dr. Kenner presents?
  • Briefly, it is that your happiness is not the result of chance, wishes, hopes, dreams, prayers, drugs, relaxing, the stars, or wealth. It does not come from having a great childhood,  being the hit of the party or the most powerful politician or ruler on earth. Happiness is an emotion and emotions have understandable rational causes. Your emotions are the result of the  way you use your mind. Your happiness is under your control!
  • Dr. Kenner shows listeners how callers can think through and solve their problems, rather than merely tell them a course of action to take that they may not understand or agree with.
  • Dr. Kenner truly understands and demonstrates how problems can be rationally explained.
  • Dr. Kenner has extensive experience in the fields of child-parent relationships, marital relationships, family problems, healthy goal setting, self-change, stress management, time  management and more. She has served as expert witness for many dysfunctional family and child abuse related cases. Her employment has included private practice as well as being a staff  therapist at a University Counseling Center and at an HMO. She is paid to speak around the country on many topics.
  • Comments from guests and listeners

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What kind of question can I ask?

Any issue in psychology or of a personal matter is appropriate:

  • Do you have personal questions on situations concerning your family, career, romance, hobbies, or conflicts between any or all of them?
  • Is your young child or adult child developing behavioral problems? Are they too bossy, or too shy? Are your parents still treating you as a child?
  • Are you trying to save (or end) an existing relationship?
  • Do you feel guilty after doing something you think is right?
  • Do you feel you should be happier than you are, even though you have sought and followed the advice of friends, professionals or books?
  • Do you want to know what sources of information are available to help you help yourself? What organizations or books deal with your particular questions?

Although you will be receiving helpful advice from Dr. Kenner, remember that this is not therapy and cannot replace a fully contextual one-on-one relationship with a mental health professional.

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How to Ask Dr. Kenner a Question

Is there a fee?

No, there is no fee.

Dr. Kenner makes her answer available on her podcast / talk show so others with the same issue can benefit. The show is a public service and is question-driven; your questions are the motor of the show.

Is it confidential?

Yes. There are no forms to fill out and you may ask using a psydonym or anonymously.

When should I call?

Call any time before 10pm (Eastern Time). If she is not available, she will return your call as soon as she is free.

Can I ask by email?

You will receive the fastest, most accurate answer if you ask by phone. Most calls are answered. Not all emails are answered due to their large quantity.Although you won't receive as thorough an answer as if you were to phone in live, you can still email Dr. Kenner a question

Is there anything I can't ask?

Dr. Kenner does not take calls regarding suicide, medication, legal issues or any matter that threatens life or property and you must contact a local mental health professional, lawyer, doctor or the police if this is the case.

Is this phone therapy?

Although you will be receiving helpful advice from Dr. Kenner, remember that this is not therapy and cannot replace a fully contextual one-on-one relationship with a mental health professional.

What do I need to know before I call?
  • If you ask a question by phone you will be speaking to Dr. Kenner in person so you will get an immediate answer free from a licensed clinical psychologist who deals with this issue all the time.
  • Average wait time is only about four minutes.
  • Average time she will be talking with you is about eight minutes..
  • If you like the advice she gives you, tell your friends. If you don't, tell her. (email)
  • Calls recorded for possible podcast and radio broadcast.
What Do You Say?
  • Just give your first name (or make up a name for privacy.)
  • Know in advance what you want to ask and try to get to the point quickly.
  • Relax and plan on a friendly fun exchange! Dr. Kenner deals with her callers in a gentle, friendly and inductive manner. She is never abrupt, harsh or dominating.
  • Have a pencil and paper ready so you will be able to write down some of the tips she gives you.
Can I hear examples of calls?

Yes, podcasts of all shows, over 250, are available through itunes.

Can I expect to receive serious advice?

Yes, here are some testimonials.

  • "Thanks for taking me seriously!" Don
  • "Please thank Dr. Kenner for me. I appreciate the time and thought she put into giving me some very useful advice. I found it very enlightening. Dr. Kenner has a very positive and caring approach in her problem solving. I feel very lucky indeed, that Dr. Kenner chose my question as one to be answered. Please give her my kindest regards and warmest thanks." Ellen
  • "Thank you, Dr. Kenner, for your answer that I already had in my heart.  Now if I can stay focused enough to follow some simple steps to work toward having friends, hobbies, and a career happiness is just around the corner for me."  Bettie
  • "I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making me see the reality of my situation. Thank you for the book recommendations." Stacey
  • "You are coherent, clear, friendly and concise." Frode
  • "It's good to see someone moving the young science of psychology forward." Dan
  • "I would like to thank you very, very much. You have helped me achieve moral certainty, and have finally, finally freed me from the manipulative claws of a man I used to date who always seemed so kind, yet was somehow capable of such evil things." Trudi
  • "Thank you very much for the kind advice. You are 100% right. My wife shouldn’t be able to terrorize everyone in the family and hold our marriage hostage. My kids and I both deserve better. Only I have the power to make this happen, and I am putting the wheels into motion immediately. Thank you for taking the time to listen and help. I felt myself drifting into despair, and I am never going to let that happen again." Doug
  • THANK you so much that you gave questions to think about. Your attention and advices were very important for me! Jeni
  • You are the most articulate and erudite psychologist I've heard on radio, especially because you always provide reasons for the opinions and advice you offer.
  • Dr. Kenner well understands both the specifics of and the concepts behind audience questions.
  • Yours is the best psychology radio show I have ever heard.
  • You run a professional and inspiring show, and represent today's ideal psychologist
  • Dr. Kenner has a dynamite show.  She is the best in the business, as far as I know.
  • Listening to your podcast is like sipping on a delicious root beer float in a comfy booth with one's romantic date by their side.
  • Excellent at giving examples, especially at acting out the roles.
  • Dr. Kenner obviously knows her field very extensively and thoroughly and is able to convey the details in a very clear, convincing, friendly and engaging manner. She is also one of the best actresses I have ever met.
  • Thank you for enriching my life and helping me deal more effectively with people...
  • I really enjoy your optimistic approach to life.
  • a breath of fresh air.
  • Elating!
  • You are a great psychologist...without too much hyperbole.
  • Contagious enthusiasm
  • Your enthusiasm is infectious!
  • I like Ellen's personal style and her very sensitive way of presenting.
  • Dr. Kenner, as always, towers over her subject with her vitality, energy, enthusiasm, sparkle...
  • Passionate for subject...
  • Uniformly excellent. Extremely perceptive insights...made explicit a number of items in my life with which I have struggled...and offered specific useful solutions.
  • ...wonderful to listen to.
  • As usual,...excellent.
  • Really interesting.
  • Dr. Kenner gives great advice...and really conveys the value of ``living the game of life."
  • I love her passion in speaking and her frequent examples to provide better understanding.
  • ...very helpful and creative.... She really came up with great explanations for the various situations that arise...
  • Excellent...psychologically enabling
  • Absolutely the best...Dr. Kenner shows us by her own concrete examples how happy we can be in our life.
  • ...upbeat, enthusiastic and practical.
  • Ellen has such a great energy...
  • Dr. Kenner is magnificent!
  • Excellent! Very practical!

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