Dr. Kenner's Credentials

Radio Talk Show Host

Since February 1997, host & originator of The Rational Basis of Happiness®, a syndicated weekly psychology call-in talk show

Varied format: Call-ins, special topics and interviews.

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Dr. Kenner is the co-author of The Selfish Path to Romance: How to Love With Passion and Reason.

Just about everything most of us have learned about how to find love is wrong - That's the premise of The Selfish Path to Romance. Love is not about sacrifice. Real, lasting romance comes when you are certain about your self, your needs, and your worth.

In the words of top-selling novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand:

It is one's personal, selfish happiness that one seeks, earns and derives from love.

Authors Dr. Edwin Locke and Dr. Ellen Kenner are inspired by the ideas of philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand. Their book explores Ayn Rand's belief that the assertion of your own needs and values is the foundation of love.

The book offers a no-nonsense, rational alternative for those who are serious about finding and sustaining a lifetime romance. Be prepared to have your preconceptions shattered, your intuition challenged, and be ready for candid introspection.

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Media Appearances

  • Ivanhoe Productions "Smart Women" National TV series
  • Rhode Island ABC6 Television, various interviews for prime time news.
  • Family Circle: Giant Issue May 2008, interviewed for and mentioned in article on backsliding: “Try, Try Again” by Jenna McCarthy.
  • Family Circle January 15, 2007 interviewed for and mentioned in article on Backsliding (Summer 2007).
  • University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management: Love and Romance Radio Show broadcast with live audience (4/6/02)
  • RI Monthly’s Bride 2002 edition: Article titled: The Morning After (coping with post-wedding day blues)
  • Forbes Magazine, interviewed for article “Rich… but not spoiled: How to raise your kids in an age of wealth,”  June 12, 2000
  • Second Day Dedication of the U.S. Literary Art Series Ayn Rand postage stamp. Talk given at Brown University, April 28, 1999, Salomon Hall.
  • Cox Cable TV: Sex and sensuality after age 65. Filmed May 7th. Aired multiple times.

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A complete list of articles by Dr. Kenner on topics including:

  • Self-Therapy
  • Romance
  • Parenting
  • The Value of Therapy
  • Choosing a Therapist
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Character, Ethics & Morality
  • Virtue and Happiness
  • Terrorism
  • Psychics & Scams

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Court Testimony: Expert Witness

Served as expert witness for many dysfunctional family and child abuse related cases.

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Professional Associations

RIPA Legislative Internship, 1990-1991
Rhode Island Psychological Association

APA Grant: Training in organizational and political aspects of psychology.  Experience working with Executive Director, Denis Barton.  Monitored bills affecting psychology at the State House, attended several committee meetings (a Legisla­tive Committee meeting, an Ethics Committee meeting and a RIPA  board meeting). Wrote an article for RIPA on their first annual meeting.

APS: Member 2006 – present

American Psychological Association Member, 1994-98
Member of Division 24: Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
Member of Division 2: Teaching of Psychology
Member of Division 46: Media Psychology

International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy
Member since 1996

The National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts
Member since 1997

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Professional Experience

Jan/Feb 1998 - present: Private practice

9/92-1/98 Blackstone Valley Psychological Institute

6/30/94 Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Note: Teaching Experiences are listed in a separate section.
September 1990-August 1992 (Clinical Internship - noted elsewhere)

9/89-8/90 RIGHA (R.I. Group Health Association) Staff therapist

8/88-5/89 Southeastern Massachusetts University Counseling Center  Staff Counselor/therapist
Individual therapy, academic and career counseling.
Co-leader of the following workshops:
Stress Management for RA's (Resident Assistants)
Food Preoccupation Workshop
Dating/Relationship Workshop
Motivation Lecture (Beat Academic Probation Program)

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University of Rhode Island, May 1992, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
University of Rhode Island, May 1989, M.A. Psychology, URI
Brown University, June 1975, B.A. Biology

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Non University Coursework & Seminars

A complete list of Dr. Kenner's seminars is here.

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University Coursework

1992 Fall Semester, University of R.I., Kingston Campus
Theories of Personality
Behavior Problems and Personality Disorders
1992 Fall Semester, University of R.I.
Continuing College of Education, Providence Campus
Behavior Problems and Personality Disorders

1993 Spring Semester, University of R.I., Kingston Campus
Theories of Personality

1993 Spring Semester, University of R.I.
Continuing College of Education, Providence Campus
Towards Self Understanding (Introductory 100 level course)

1993 Fall Semester, University of R.I., Kingston Campus
Behavior Problems and Personality Disorders

1993 Fall Semester, Rhode Island College
Introduction to Psychology

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Academic Appointment/License

September 1990-August 1992 Harvard Clinical Fellow in Psychology
June 30, 1994 Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in Rhode Island

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Clinical Internship

9/90 - 8/92 Brockton Veterans Administration Medical Center

Major rotations

Medical Psychology: Interviewing skills, triage decisions, comprehensive written evaluations, co-leader in 10 month Chronic Pain Group, short and long term psychotherapy with patients having both medical and psychiatric problems.
Family Psychology: Specialized training in couples and family assessment, consultation and treatment.  Co-therapist in PTSD Couples Therapy Group.  Observation Team.


Administrative Elective: Administration skills training
under Dr. Elizabeth Brown, Chief of Psychology at Brockton VA Medical Center.
Anxiety and Panic Group: Using Barlow & Craske model.
Inpatient Chronic Schizophrenic Group: Social skills group
teaching patients daily living skills and communication skills.

Additional Clinical Training

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