Dr. Ellen Kenner Emotions Podcasts

Anger - Why do I feel so angry at my invalid mom? 200815bpod

Anger - How can I control my unjustified anger against my kids? 200725cpod

After Combat, What Next? - What a soldier experiences after returning home from war. 200808dpod

Violence - Warning signs of a potentially violent co-worker 200502dpod

No Emotions - My friend has a fear of expressing emotion. 200620cpod

Crying - Why did I cry uncontrollably after my heated verbal fight with a coworker? 200418apod

Causeless Anger - I hate people and want everyone to die. 200404cpod

Loss of a Pet - I tortured with the knowledge that my dog will soon die. 200321cpod

Why do I Hate - I don't know why I hate my husband and want to leave him. 201128cpod

Emotional Repression - My now emotionally repressed husband blames himself for my being raped. 201219cpod